A4 Size Self-adhesive PDLC Film Sample

A4 Size Self-adhesive PDLC Film Sample

Introducing our Self-Adhesive PDLC Film Sample Kit:
A convenient way to transform your existing glass into switchable glass. With electrostatic adherence, this kit allows for easy retrofitting without the need for additional adhesives. Simply plug the included power cable into a 110V/220V AC outlet for effortless testing.

Product Features:
- Transparent when powered on, opaque when powered off;
- A4 size with a thickness of 0.5mm;
- Includes a user-friendly power supply cable for simple testing;
- Film type: Adhesive (electrostatic adherence)

Experience the versatility and convenience of our Self-Adhesive Smart Film Sample Kit for yourself. Upgrade your glass to switchable glass with ease and explore the possibilities it offers for privacy and functionality.

Package Includes:
- 1 A4 size smart PDLC film sample(self-adhesive)
- 1 power supply cable

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